Sacred Land

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For thousands of years people in Britain thought of their land as sacred and they showed that in the towns and villages they built. The Sacred Land Project offers a remarkable way of interpreting almost any urban and village setting, through understanding the guiding principles people used in the past to plan roads, buildings and places of worship. We run occasional walks through the old city of Bristol, to show how you can interpret any city according to its sacred layout… “Mind-blowing”, and “extraordinary” have been some of the comments. Find details of the next walks here

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  1. christine winnan says:

    Hi…I will be buying this book soon…a couple of my friends and I are interested in the sacred geometry of my hometown WGC…called the New Jerusalem by its founder Ebenezer Howard , and this book could give us some good pointers by the looks of it. One point of interest is that one of my friends read somewhere but can’t remember where… that a square mile around the Shredded Wheat factory site was in ancient times a sacred site where no wars were allowed to be fought etc and was known as Lady land or something of that ilk. Also I would be interested to know if the meaning behind the ‘Golden Mile’ is anything to do with that…….I’d be very much obliged if you can give me any information on this…..Yours Faithfully Christine Winnan

  2. Linda The Artist says:

    I am a mature female muralist residing in South Manchester researching sites in Chorlton. In 1997 I was studying for MA Arts As Environment and have a copy of your first issue ‘Sacred Land’. Can you contact me with any upcoming projects in the area or nearby please. See Art of Meze mural M21

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