To book, please contact Pippa Moss on 01225 758004 or email arcworld@arcworld.org. 

Adult £12; Student/Senior Citizen £10

An ancient map of Bristol (Brightstowe) showing the route of the walk
An ancient map of Bristol (Brightstowe) showing the route of the walk

NEXT SACRED BRISTOL WALK IS ON Saturday 22nd October 2016 at 11am. The two hour walk will be led by Martin Palmer. It starts and ends at St. Stephen’s cafe. Numbers are limited so apply soon. 

A morning walk starting from the wonderful cafe at St Stephen’s Church in central Bristol, using the Sacred Land approach to explore how the buildings and layout of central Bristol reveal aspects of history and spiritual insight from across the centuries. Find the traces of the ancient medieval wall; understand why different churches have particular names, and the clues this gave to medieval pilgrims about where to find them, or what provisions they might find in each. This unusual perspective will bring a new life to familiar landmarks and a new understanding not only of Bristol’s spiritual heritage, but the spiritual heritage of any ancient city in Europe. Link for more details.

The Sacred Land programme is based on guided walks described in the book Sacred Land. These are intended to reveal the historical and spiritual significance of the buildings and byways that have given a sacred shape to the city and its churches. As well as talks and workshops, Martin can be engaged for private events or to develop activities to suit specialised interests, though such arrangements will need to be arranged well in advance.

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  1. Toni Glazzard says:

    This looks fascinating. Am disappointed that I’m not free for next sacred land walks around Bristol but hope to attend the next. The map at the top of the page immediately answered a question I have been pondering as we prepare to celebrate the 90th birthday of Rosemary Nursery School, where I am currently head teacher, as it showed the exact location of Rosemary Street. Many thanks Toni Glazzard

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