Martin Palmer

As well as being an environmentalist and religious historian Martin Palmer is an author, broadcaster and public speaker. The Sacred Land project was inspired by his book Sacred Land (Little Brown 2012). He was born in Bristol, the son of a vicar, and explored the city and its outskirts from an early age, acquiring a deep understanding of Bristol’s many hidden curiosities.  Before leaving for Cambridge University and a degree in theology and religious studies he spent a year doing voluntary work at an orphanage in Hong Kong. This experience inspired a lifelong fascination with Chinese culture that has led him to study and work with Chinese religions and sacred places and write translations of many important Chinese texts.

His subsequent career as an educationalist took him to Manchester where he wrote Worlds of Difference, a book for schools about how different beliefs shape the ways people treat the natural world. It was the first book of its kind, and it led, in 1986, to him being invited by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh (then International President of WWF) to organise the first ever meeting between the major religions and environmentalists. This crucial meeting, in Assisi, Italy, ultimately led to the formation of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), an international NGO working with many religious traditions to help them create a vision and future of environmental sustainability, and to help them make protecting animals and nature something that is not just taught, but is also carried out. Martin has been the Secretary General of ARC since its launch in 1995. He is married to journalist and author Victoria Finlay and they live in Somerset.

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  1. Anthea Page says:

    could Martin Palmer come and talk about this on our radio show or could I meet him at St Stephens to do an interview? Studios are every Tuesday at 7-30pm at 1 Mill Avenue. just off Queen Square. The programmes are broadcast every Monday at 10. 00am on BCFM and Bath City Sound on Sundays.

    1. Hi Anthea – Martin was interested in your message. I have passed on your hotmail address and he will be contacting you directly,

      Tont Benjamin

  2. Really enjoyed Martin’s walk round medieval Bristol. Thought you should know about this:
    Sheila Hannon

  3. Andrew Moxon says:

    This is Rev. Jiryo Moxon.I am a Buddhist priest of Japan’s Tendai
    Thank you for your most enlightening ‘Jesus Sutras’.
    I have long held the view of an
    underlying ‘connectedness’ interweaving our spiritual traditions.
    I bought your book some.years back.But the more I read it,so the more I am certain of this ‘connectedness’.It is only our ignorance which prevents us from seeing this. At the end of the day,there can only be One Truth.
    Thank you,again.



  4. Philip Edwards (Mr). says:

    Just heard Martin Palmer speaking on Radio 4’s “Beyond Belief” presented by “Ernie Ray.” The discussion was on the Christian concept of “Original Sin.” What an excellent and knowledgeable speaker! He explained the concept (and how wrong it is for Christians to hold this belief as “gospel). I found the whole discussion very enlightening – and it helped a lot of people come to terms with their “original sin!”

    Best wishes to Mr. Martin Palmer. Lets hope we hear a lot more from him. He is what I would consider a real Godly person.


    Phil Edwards. (Mr).
    North Wales.

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